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Different breeds of Dogs.

Dogs are very useful in our day to day lives since they are friendly to human and they provide security. Living without dogs has is becoming a bit hard in man’s current lifestyle. Security is one thing human being is concerned about and with dogs, one may rest assured of maximum security ever. For a safe and stress free environment people opt to keep dogs and make them their best friends ever. At least 85 percent of people worldwide are keeping dogs for protection. However not everyone that owns a dog is keeping it for protection others keep dogs for pets. These creatures are beautiful and very entertaining thus not all dogs are best in protecting. People have different preferences thus you will find others don’t keep dogs for their attractive physic and for keeping them busy all the time.

However these creatures come in the different type of breeds. Large breed dogs tend to have a large appearance but not very tall, these dogs have a scary physic due to its bulkiness. large breed puppies tend to mature so fast compared to the normal dogs. Large breed dogs need to feed on very high nutritious food which will help in calcium for their large bones and body organs. Large breed dogs are mainly used by police and big organization territories for their strong and large appearance that would scare someone at a glance.

People have different fantasies thus some prefer the small breed dogs not for security or anything serious but for entertainment only. Most of the small breed are kept by either elderly people who just need company and nothing more. Small breed dogs don’t need a lot of grooming like other dogs they are easy to maintain and very flexible, these type of dogs a suitable for people who want to roam around with dogs. German shepherd is commonly used by many and the reason for that it’s because of its intelligence and wisdom, the German shepherd is a cheeky dog that fears no one.

German shepherd is used mostly by police for the purpose of intelligence, its appearance symbolizes the wolf and tends to be very cheeky. One may misjudge German’s medium-sized appearance not knowing it is the most intelligent and smart dog of all. Water dogs are great swimmers who can swim long distances and are perfect for retrieving anything from the deep waters. Water tragedies do occur and the most effective to use in such scenarios are water dogs they rarely drown and can swim for longer. Dogs are awesome and have been and will continue to treasure them forever.

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