Best Hotels In Lombok For Every Budget

Lombok’s charm rests upon the simple fact that it’s mostly untouched. It’s way more relaxed than the party island of Bali. There are so many waterfalls you may trek to swim in, the imposing Rinjani Volcano to conquer as well as the 3 Gili Islands where one can let your hair down.
We’t provided the starting price for each hotel for advice it could be different for your trip date.
Dream Catcher Camp from $11 a Night
Dream Catcher Camp is the pick for the best spending spending budget Best Hotels In Lombok. The homestay is currently in Tetebatu in the shadow of Mount Rinjani. Sam, the host, is quite friendly and accommodating (almost every reviewer mentions him). The food is tasty and the setting makes you seem like your living in a village in Indonesia. And you’re… The only two problems with Dream Catcher are that it’s in the highlands (not ideal if you’re searching for a beach holiday) and the Wi-Fi is patchy.

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Ibludan Hotel from $42 a Night
The Ibludan Hotel is the pick for the best midsize hotel in Lombok. It’s in Sengiggi to the North of Lombok. The hotel has a open plan layout with a swimming pool. Rooms are tastefully decorated (some of the rooms have a kitchen, just in case you would like to cook). Guests compliment the great team that make you feel at home, the chambers that are spotlessly clean (one reviewer went as far as stating “you can eat off the floor,” however we don’t advise it) and the tasty food. Highly suggested.
Hotel Tugu Lombok from $232 a Night
Tugu is one of my favorite hotel chains in Indonesia. The hotel in Lombok is amazing (although it does seem like you’re heading the wrong way as you drive down the dirt track which leads to the resort ). It feels like you’re walking through a museum whenever you visit. The property is decorated with beautiful antique furniture. There are plenty of things to say about the hotel. It’s probably one of my own hotels in Indonesia. As one guest said, “the atmosphere is luxurious without being pretentious”.
Ike’s Hostel from $10 a Night
Ike’s Hostel in Kuta, Lombok is one of the spending spending budget resorts on the island. It’s a fantastic place for backpackers and an easy spot to meet fellow travelers. Reviews on Agoda emphasize the friendly and accommodating staff and the tasty banana pancakes. Sadly the hotel is a bit from the way (you’ll require a moped to arrive there), the wi-fi is hit and miss and the water from the shower is cold. Overall excellent value for the money and a location to stay if you’re searching for a paying spending budget hotel in Lombok.

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